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online training

Our team offers online workshops with case presentations and question and answer sessions. The workshops are delivered via email. We email you written materials, and you can send us your questions, which will be answered in the same manner.

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customized training

To meet your organization's unique training needs, our Institute offers several customized training options at the location of your choice. Our members will travel around the world to give workshops, presentations and staff training.


General training questions

Do you offer scholarships for training programs?

What payment options do you accept?
You may pay tuition by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).
Do you offer certification in direct relational therapy?
We offer both training and certification in direct relational therapy.
What are the requirements for practicing as a relational therapist?
All professionals who practice psychotherapy must do so within the legal requirements of their own locales. No legal body regulates the practice of direct relational therapy (DRT); however, competent relational therapists have received training and supervision specific to DRT and undertake ongoing efforts to develop their competence.
Do you offer internships or post-doctoral fellowships?
We do not offer internships or post-doctoral fellowships at this time.


Direct relational therapy supervision is available telephonically to participants anywhere in the world. Participants send a 45-minute audiotape or CD of a psychotherapy session to their supervisor for review. The presentation of 23 psychotherapy sessions is requested, with telephonic supervision sessions weekly.

Supervision addresses:

  • Conceptualizing patients according to a relational formulation
  • Planning treatment
  • Strategies for meeting therapeutic goals
  • Monitoring and measuring patient progress
  • Combining RT and medication
  • Presenting to residents
  • Supervising residents

Applying for supervision

New supervision terms begin on the first of each month. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants must hold at least a master's degree in a mental health, medical or related field. Supervision programs are conducted under the direction of Codrin Stefan Tapu, PhD.

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Supervision FAQ

Who are the supervisors?
Codrin Stefan Tapu Institute for Relationship supervisors are highly skilled relational therapists who have trained with Dr. Codrin Stefan Tapu.
Can I request a specific supervisor?
Do you have supervisors who specialize in various disorders?
How many patients do I need to see to be eligible to participate?
There is no minimum number of patients.
Do you provide the patients for supervision?
No. You will record your own patients.
I do not have a license. Am I eligible to participate?
How is supervision conducted?
Supervision is conducted via telephone or Skype.
Must I pay tuition in full before beginning supervision?
No. You can pay it in installments. 
I do not have English-speaking patients. Can I still participate?
What are the requirements for completion of your supervision program?
You need a letter of recommendation from your supervisor.
What kind of credential will I receive upon completion of your supervision program?
You will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Do you offer supervision of supervision?
Do you offer group supervision?
How do I become a supervisor?
Dr. Codrin Stefan Tapu, in consultation with other experts, invites expert clinicians to become Codrin Stefan Tapu Institute for Relationship supervisors. If you have further questions, please email us.